The starting point of the “Tiger in a museum” event series is the relationship between museum, book and reading, from different perspectives from time to time. Kenneth Hudson (1916-1999) was an English journalist and museologist, creator of the concept and method of industrial archeology. The phrase “A Tiger in a museum is a tiger in a museum and not a tiger" draws attention to the difference between the everyday world and the museum world, which must be shown and understood, not to be hidden. The tiger as a concept also refers to the role of the museum in the colonial and post-colonial approach, the early links between zoos and museums, the museum display of stuffed animals and the visually rich world of animal portrayal. The “Tiger in a museum” is a joint series of the Museum of Ethnography's MaDok program and LUMEN Café, which launches an additional episode every 1.5 months.

curator: Zsófia Frazon
graphic design: de_form 
typeface: Subjectivity by Alex Slobzheninov