We were invited to a competition to redesign the visual identity of Kitchen Budapest in 2016. It is an open innovation lab with young researchers and developers and the project is powered by the Hungarian Telecom. We were inspired by tools of mechanics and informatics developers are surrounded by. The main idea was to create a system that can be a base for all the information, data and pictures. It’s a simple raster layout which allows a nice variability. The logo itself can be used in three different ways. This raster based system is a kind of playground, the users can fill it anyway but they can also use it in simple ways. In the stationery the use of the system is very functional. The website follows the same system; it reminds of a coding surface. On the main page you can see a simple animation, while in the subpages we used the system as a background layer, like a tool board. Because we wanted to reflect on the coding world, we used a monospace font, called Space Mono.