Central Values – Common Heritage in the Central European Contemporary Design
Budapest Design Week 2016

Wall is a symbol that can have a positive and a negative message at the same time. Brick by brick we can build up something good together while it can be the symbol of exclusion as well. With Studio Nomad we decided to use this motif as a base when we had the opportunity to design the opening exhibition of Budapest Design Week 2016. Marking the 25th anniversary of the Visegrad cooperation, the exhibition staged by Budapest Design Week hosted the countries of the Visegrad cooperation as guests, and displayed prominent works by contemporary designers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. With the brick motif we wanted to reflect on the shared history of the four countries (they were all part of the socialist era after the 2nd World War), while in a positive way it reflects on a joint construction between them that comes from their common past. We used the brick motif as a base of a modular system, both in the graphic platforms and in the installation. We used pure, white, brick-like elements with typography on warm red platforms while the modular system of the installation was physically based on brick constructions.

Curator: Judit Osvárt
Installation: Studio Nomad
Graphic design: de_form
Photos: Flag, Balázs Danyi, de_form