eniko deri and nora demeczky are hungarian graphic designers, owners of the budapest based de_form studio. living in central-eastern europe, inspired by the west and affected by the east their work has a unique visual approach. they create simple and bold visual concepts with striking design solutions in the fields of art direction, branding and editorial design.

workshops, lectures, exhibitions:

one of a type! – exhibition palermo 2018

de_form workshop – ecv paris 2018

visual grammar typographic workshop – mome open 2018 
united notions moscow – exhibition and lecture 2017
manage [it] yourself – team grafika lecture 2017
visual grammar typographic workshop  – mome open 2017 
visual grammar tape workshop  – mome open 2017
aiga rhode island – knowher design talks 2016
design cup – jury 2016
manage [it] yourself – grafika lecture 2017
tribute to the love letter exhibition – arnhem 2015
debüt exhibition – szív17 budapest 2014
26th brno biennial 2014
bárhol elkezdheted! – exhibition on 3/7 gallery 2013

optypo exhibition – boulevard & brezsnyev gallery 2010