About Tisza
It all started many years ago, Tisza shoes (in Hungarian 'Tisza Cipő') was a functional yet durable gym shoe and a well known, iconic product of the Hungarian communist era. Tisza is a heritage brand, established in 1942 in Martfű. The 'T' branded shoe was born at the start of the 1970's when many new sport shoe models were developed, some of these styles still remain to this day and have been updated with a contemporary touch. Every tisza product is manufactured and handcrafted from the finest materials. 

About M4
The pulse of the city, the never ending inspirations, bright lights, loud sounds and the excitement of a vibrant crowd: their newest model is made to move and to never stop. Step up! The poplux, active M4 line, named after Budapest metro line M4, was born to complete the Tisza repertoire with a fresh and vibrant model.

Art direction, Graphic design & Animations: de_form
Photos: Gábor Stinglincz, de_form
Web developer: Bálint Sikó
Interior design: Márton Lengyel