In 2016 we were invited to take part in a competition where we had to design the visual identity of an upcoming traveling exhibition called Shaping Hungary – Design in the 21th century. The partners of the exhibition are the Hungarian Design Council / Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest and Design Terminal. The aim of our proposal was to create an identity for the exhibition that is visually powerful, draws attention to the event and tries to help building the image of Hungary with youthful and up to date visual graphic solutions. The created concept intends to use the colors of the Hungarian flag – red, white and green – in an effective way and reinterprets these colors in a contemporary context. The created design refers to the title of the exhibition, reflects on the process of transformation and presence. The visual identity can be recognized easily, it is consequent and gives opportunity to variability due to its varied shapes. We used pure, white surfaces as well as a counterpoint to the colorful, strong red-green visuality.
The concept did not get realized.