Museum of Ethnography, Budapest
Brand Design & Identity 2022

In 2022, the Museum of Ethnography has a place worthy of its mission, sizable collection, and role in the heart of Budapest. The aim was to design a visual identity that could be adapted to the cultural diversity of ethnography, mirroring the diverse world of motifs of the museum’s Hungarian and international collections of objects.

One of our main inspirations was the monumental building of Ferencz Marcel (NAPUR Architect). The graphic elements of the logo are a fusion of the four continents into one shape, referring to the diverse collection that spans all continents. This symbol reflects the museum’s previous identity, but the new logo is a single composite symbol instead of three distinct ones. An essential aspect of the renewal is ensuring that the visual identity is relevant in the present and future digital environment and can represent the institution on the international stage.

Based on the graphic elements of the logo, we created an innovative, easy-to-use visual system. This pattern system is suitable for visually representing the brand on different platforms. Due to its diversity and variability, it can renew itself continuously, but it is still recognizable.

Team: Nóra Demeczky (DE_FORM), Enikő Déri (DE_FORM), Hunor Kátay (Explicit Design Studio), Sebestyén Németh (Explicit Design Studio), Szilárd Kovács (Explicit Design Studio)

Image courtesy of Museum of Ethnography, Budapest