We designed a visual identity and packaging for a Miami based healthy dessert and juice brand in 2015. The target audience of the brand are people who follow a healthy lifestyle, so they wanted to distribute their products in Florida based gyms, school buffets, bio markets and juice bars. All of their desserts are raw and vegan, small sized balls, cubes, rolls and bars. There were many components we needed to use in the packaging, so we decided to create a system that can be variable in many ways. Our idea was to use these components as typographic tapes without any further typographic elements. For the packaging we chose bright colored boxes and wrapping papers. The tapes work on any material and it's easy to apply them on any parts of the identity. Because of its randomness this solution is very playful and every singe package can be a bit different while all elements are recognizable. The visual imitation of the tapes on the website follows the same visuality as the packaging and shows how a simple idea can be very functional and a strong base of a complex visual identity.