Graphic design / Art direction: Nóra Demeczky 
Concept / Project owner: Mátyás Czél
Interiors, furniture: Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop
Ceramics: Lujza Kocsis, Márton Varga, Miklós Budán

The starting point of the project is the idea of a restaurant that works with ingredients produced locally around Miskolc, in the northeastern part of Hungary. In the last century Miskolc was an iron manufacturing town with a huge factory area inside the city, which is mostly abandoned now. The atmosphere is still feels like back in the Soviet times, however the natural environment is unique with unknown touristic attractions. This diversity was the main inspiration for the interior and identity design.

We wanted the people to perceive and feel the whole space they in, just as you they do with food. We didn’t use painted colours on the walls. Shades were done by whitewash, and a mixture of copper or brick powder and whitewash. There were a few expectations on the building relying to its age, so we ve conserved the past and labeled it with white. Furnitures were handmade using oak, metal, and pine. All the ceramics were handcrafted in Budapest and finished in a wood-fired kiln at Verőce.