"Who didn’t love chocolate-filled Advent calendars as a child? With one tiny window to open at a time, they filled December with joy and excitement as Christmas oh-so-slowly arrived. Now as adults, we can admire a different approach thanks to an innovative idea by the Kultúrgorilla Design Management Studio. Advent for Good puts 24 socially aware projects in a shop window on Buda’s buzzing boulevard, Bartók Béla, for a more ethical holiday season.

Every day, Kultúrgorilla is opening a new window into a more responsible, greener world in front of the Zipernowsky Studio on Bartók Béla Boulevard, so that passers-by can encounter a new social enterprise and socially aware designer product this December.

The Advent for Good exhibition will display works by underprivileged artists, as well as sustainable products made from locally sourced ingredients. Reusable food packaging, eco-conscious children’s toys, body-positive menstrual products and zero-waste bags all feature.

The installation was designed by Studio Nomad and de_form, symbolising a more selfless, conscious, clean and sensible world, with two essential factors in mind – design and creativity. Kultúrgorilla also wanted to create an event in the holiday spirit that is fully accessible and safe for all during the pandemic."

Conception: Kúltúrgorilla
Photo: Zsupponits Anett
Design: Studio Nomad & DE_FORM